Fixed retainer for one jaw


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Bonding in 3 -4 weeks after positive suitability test

Our fixed retainer is a further development of the well-known wire retainer - a very thin (0.4 mm), tight-fitting wire, which is manufactured from an extremely resistant metal alloy using a 3D process. Computer-aided design and manufacturing ensures that our fixed retainers have the best fit and are more precise than a hand-made retainer could ever be. Our fixed retainer is created based on a new 3D scan and then placed by our dentists. The result is an impressive fit and optimal comfort while protecting your great treatment results. Regular replacement is not necessary with good care, which means: teeth can be kept in their new position indefinitely - no more forgetting about the retainer.

Note: If, after careful medical examination by our dentists, we come to the conclusion that a fixed retainer is not suitable for you, we'll let you know via e-mail and give you a full refund. The fixed retainer can only be placed in one of the clinics listed at the time of booking.

All advantages:

  1. Computer-aided design and manufacturing based on a 3D scan ensures that our fixed retainers have the best fit and are more precise than a handmade lingual retainer could ever be.
  2. 2-year warranty on PlusDent's fixed retainers - best quality and minimal risk of breakage due to resistant metal alloy. Once the material is shaped, it cannot be bent.
  3. At only 0.4 mm, they are much thinner and more comfortable to wear than conventional fixed retainers.
  4. No more forgetting to wear the retainer, because it is firmly bonded to the teeth.


What happens after purchasing the fixed retainer?

  1. Our medical team will check whether you are suitable for the fixed retainer and inform you about the result within 14 days via e-mail. If we do not have recent photos of your teeth, we will ask you for them if necessary.
  1. If you are suitable for a fixed retainer, we will notify you by email. In the link sent to you, you can easily arrange a necessary 3D scan appointment, on the basis of which the fixed retainer will then be made. Please do not book an appointment before receiving that link from us.
  1. At the on-site scan appointment, you will directly arrange a follow-up appointment to bond in the fixed retainer - this will take place about 4 weeks after the scan. During this time your new fixed retainer will be produced.
  1. You will arrive at the agreed bonding appointment and the fixed retainer will be bonded to the back of your teeth on site by one of our dentists.


If, after careful examination by our dentists, we conclude that you are not suitable for fixed retainers, we will notify you by email. You will of course be refunded immediately.


Please note:

Please use the email address previously provided to PlusDental for checkout if you have already completed a dental aligner treatment with PlusDental aligners.

The price includes the eligibility check, the cost of the fixed retainer(s), the 3D scan appointment, the follow-up appointment for bonding and the production of the fixed retainer(s).

Your fixed retainer comes with a guarantee package for a period of two years from the date the retainer is bonded in place. If the retainer becomes detached from your tooth within this time, for example due to a damaged bond, we will re-bond the retainer for you free of charge. In case of a breakage within this period, we will initiate a new production free of charge and then re-glue the fixed retainer. You will be responsible for all subsequent costs and after the expiry of the guarantee period, you will be responsible for all costs associated with the fixed retainer. 

Please inform us immediately if you discover any changes to your fixed retainer.

If you have any further questions, please contact